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Parrots’ behavior is commonly misunderstood by people who have them as pets. Parrots have a complex behavior which is a little harder to manage by a person, not as the case of a dog for instance. Parrots are intelligent, beautiful and entertaining birds. Nowadays, parrots’ care and behavior books and videos can be found everywhere and seem to be the new main branch in the pet industry.

Parrots bite when they play

Out of curiosity, a parrot must investigate the surrounding objects and environment. As every being has its own way of investigating, because nature gave senses to all of them but in different ways, the parrots use their beak. It is the caregiver’s duty to let the parrot know how far it should go on the investigation and how it can play or byte just by talking. A loud shout of a human has the similar effect as an adult bird’s vocalization to communicate with the youngsters and let them know the limits, out in the wilderness.

Aggression for territory delimitation

It is a parrot’s instinct to protect its territory from intruders. In the wild life, parrots associate in pairs and protect their nesting territories. They do the same thing in captivity, the only difference is that they associate with the caregiver and defend the territory together against intruders. The best way they can “fight” the intruders is by biting.

Parrots bite when they fear

Biting is also used as a defense mechanism by the birds. This comes from the instinct too. In the wild, a bird that fears something can always fly away but in captivity, the birds are usually denied the ability to fly so they remain with their biting ability alone.

Biting as a way of communication

Many birds may learn to byte as a way to ask for something, for something to eat or for peace. This kind of aggression has many forms of expressing. Maybe some parrots find out that a light byte on the owner’s hand will respond with a piece of something that the owner is eating; other parrots may try to say by biting that they want to be left alone. This kind of aggression is thought by the bird and can become a habit. If the parrot gets the desired effect on the byte, it will most likely repeat it.

In a relationship between a parrot and his owner, things may be a little more complicated than any other relationships between humans and pets because of the instinct of the parrot. The parrot will never do something it doesn’t want to and there are not to many ways to force him, not even in the wild. The relationship must be based on understanding and communicating because the birds are very receptive to any forms of communication and they show as much compassion as they receive. A person should learn to read the parrot’s language, its ways of communication, the way it moves and the way it reacts to things or actions. It is important for the human not to be dominating in the relation and to work things out by treating the parrot as an equal not as a thing.

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