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And here we are -- twelve years later with an online suite of community features and content to rival Facebook, Twitter and others...

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Discovering Our Purpose

A brillant author and speaker (Seth Godwin) has really summed up our reason for being with this quote: "...Connection is at the heart of the ecomomy we live in now.  Connection means finding the others.  Embracing peer support, giving more than you get, engaging with ideas and with people. Connection is part of the process of growth. Connecting with the possibility, with change and with the generosity of new ideas and approaches."

Discovering our purpose
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A community of pet lovers ... just like you!

We're not Facebook, Instagram or any of the other "community" sites... we're just about pets, nothing but pets, did we say we're only about pets!! Favorite 64x64 ipad

A community of pet lovers

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Join our exclusive pet community ... commit to help someone - maybe someone with a new puppy or kitten but lost about what to do ... or someone with an aging pet that needs comfort and assurance as their best friend nears the end of their time together ... or maybe you can just share some photos or videos that make us laugh or even cry ... but get involved ... make a difference ... LIVE IN THE MOMENT!

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