Cat is hanging down in lower abdomen in pain when touched MONTHS after spaying.Help?

<p>My cat is an over 1 YO Maine Coon. When she got back from being spayed over 6 months ago, she was in pain with her lower abdomen puffy and "hanging down". My cat is not overweight and it's not her stomach which was hanging. It's over 6 months later and her lower abdomen is still hanging and it still hurts her to be touched there or held with me touching that area. She is usually happy to be held, too. What should I do?</p>
Category: Health

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You need to get her back to your vet so they can exam her. She should not be in any pain at this point so this potentially points to possible complications after the surgery. See the attached article...
Molly Thanks. I sort of figured as such, but I wanted to be sure. - Molly - 9 years ago

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