my cat shivers and is not cold, dry nose, loose stool, eating fine, no fixed, no vaccines. on antibi

<p>hello, i got my recent cat from a barn. she is now almost a year old. since she was a kitten she has always had an odd shiver when she would lay down to sleep (but not while sleeping.) she isn't cold. she also has some bad diarrhea and her nose is dry. i finally took her to the vet last week. the vet gave her a de-worming pill and antibiotics (she still needs to be fixed and vaccinated). he offered to do some test for FIV and leukemia but financially i can not offered it, my daughter will be born on the 28th of this month. as of this moment she still has a dry nose, loose stool (no blood) and the "shivers". she plays but when she chases a laser she gets tired very quickly, panting hard and her chest heaves (she wants to continue to play though). she eats and drinks everyday, too my knowledge, normally. im just worried about the shivers and bowel movements. she purrs but i have heard that can be a sign of distress. also she does seem to linger around me like she is trying to tell me shes sick, laying her paw on me or letting out a soft meow from time to time from frustration im assuming. when she tries to lay down she will toss and turn until finally she passed out. i'm very worried and if i need borrow money i gladly will do whatever it takes to get her medical attention, i just need to know if it needs to be ASAP.</p>
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Sorry to hear about your kitty Kate. I would most definitely follow the advice of your vet instead of sites on the Internet. It isn't that you can't find good information but no one on the Internet has actually seen your cat. Your vet has. You didn't mention if she is an inside always cat or if she goes outside. Regardless (but especially if she goes out), you need to have her vaccinated and spayed. What else did your vet say or offer to do? Did he suspect other issues or was he hoping the antibiotics would take care of everything.

There are payment plans you can setup for pet care so you might want to look into that.

Good luck with your kitty and I hope everything turns out okay...


I agree with Lucy... best to always follow the advice of your vet. In case since you have already been he/she has the best knowledge at this point about what to do. Also let them know your circumstance and they might be willing to work with you (reduce the fee, spread the payments with no interest, etc.)... Good luck!

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