i have 5 pitbull shepard mix puppies. the mother has stoped feeding after 4 weeks. will they be ok on puppie chow?

my austrailian german shepard mix was bread with my pit bull not on purpose but still it happened and she gave birth to 5 puppies. they were born 4 weeks ago and now she has stopped feeding. will they be ok on puppy chow?
Category: Health

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You can start the weaning process as early as three to four weeks but you need to be sure and feed the pups a balanced diet to supplement the loss of their mother's milk. I have attached a link to a wikihow document that walks you through the process. Best of luck with you new puppies!


I agree with Molly... I think you should be okay. I would add that you should get your puppies to the vet and have them checked out also just to be safe.

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