My rabbits heart problems?

I was wondering if a rabbit could have a heart attack. My big black labrador gets loose sometimes and so she attacks the rabbit cages, but there is no way she's able to get IN and you know... hurt them. I dont know what would make a rabbit have a heart attack, but if a big black dog attacked the cage again, could that trigger a heart attack for one of my five bunnies?

Category: Pets

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I don't have much experience with rabbits but from what I can find it appears a rabbit can have a heart attack but it is rare. I would definitely remove anything that would terrorize your rabbit including a large dog with teeth jumping at them, even if your dog just wants to play. The rabbit doesn't know that.

Hope this helps!

Hiii... Yes, rabbits are prey animals and are easily stressed or frightened, sometimes to the point of heart attack. They do best in quiet households with no screaming kids, predatory animals that will harass them. A loud bang inside/outside or a dog barking at them etc. can really give them a nasty shock and lead to a heart attack.

Hello, Yes your tension is not worthless, as rabbits are very soft hearten, Small & lovely and weak animals. they are very much protective. and if it repeats again. It may cause for heart attack, too. So, please, take it very seriously, for your rabbit's safety.

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