Young puppies

My Labrador had about nine puppies, and we kept two of them. We de-wormed them and everything, but i was wondering if all puppies got worms? I don't know if it is true or not, but I heard that even the mother gets them. If this true or false? And could you explain to me a bit? Thanks

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Yes puppies get worms, either from their environment or possibly from their mother's milk. You should always have them checked by your vet and de-wormed.

Yes it is true. Puppies get worms because of many reasons like it comes from mother, sometimes from mosquitoes,sometimes another dog comes into contact with infected faces and many more reasons. But the best thing you can do that you should consult with veterinarian who can give you all of this information.

Hi, Yes it is right that puppies get worms due to several reasons. The basic of this problem is Food purity.

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