how can i get my puppy to not nipp as much!

<p>my puppy is fine and loving all day, hes a shetland sheepdog puppy, but when he is in a playful mood he tends to nip and bite alot..'( i know this is normal) but sometimes it hurts, so what should i do to prevent him from nipping?</p>
Category: Training

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Hi, I'm Jacoby. If your dog is younger than six months, this is normal. He is teething, and the biting brings relief from the pain. I'd buy a couple of chew toys for him, so he can bite that instead of your hand. If he is older than six months, you will need to show him that behavior is not appropriate. Every time he does it, show him you don't like it. He will get the picture eventually. Thanks.
thankyou and yes he is only 9 weeks. thankyou so much! where off to get some chew toys today, and ill have to see what happens. - - 9 years ago

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