my pitt is limping favoring front paw he licks alot its red down inside the pads and cant walk rght

<p>i have tried cleaning the paw and checking for thorns and splinters and so on what else can i do i cant really get a i dont have the extra cash for a vet any ideas on what this could be</p>
Category: Health

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Of course it sounds like he has injured this in some way. Have you noticed any cuts on his pad? While it would be best to have this seen by your vet I have attached a link with some ideas on how you can treat this yourself.
Molly thanks for the input neosporin is what im using and he is getting better turns out to be no more than a cut i called my vet as soon as saw it was a cut he said the aloe vera would burn him to use neosporin so thanks for your input - Molly - 9 years ago

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