Yesterday I found a red bump on my dachshunds side. it has a dark center and is semi hard.

Category: Health

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Hello, I'm Jacoby. There are many things this could be, and since I can't see the bump, I'd only be guessing. This could be anything from a pimple, to a skin tumor. Most likely it's not the skin tumor, but there could be a chance. I think, based on your descriptions, it's a skin blister. This is very common in all dogs. This is caused when the body creates antibodies and attacks the skin cells. It's literally the body attacking itself. Sunlight can worsen this condition. There are antibiotic shampoos you can use, and medication to decrease the immune systems activity. Antibiotics can also be used if bacteria are aiding this disease. Take him/her to your local vet office. Like I said I'm only guessing because I can't see it myself, but your vets will. They will be able to help you further. Any questions just ask. Thanks.
Thank you it's a good place to start! She had been in the sun for 3 days at the fair and it has been in the 100's so maybe..Thanks for your input! - - 9 years ago

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