my dog has a weird mass on her belly by her private

<p>My 12 year old pitbull had about a tangerine size purplish flat bruise looking spot on her abdomen that has been there for awhile. It never seemed to bother her, so I didnt worry about it before. About a week ago the spot had become raised, and she has been licking it a lot all day long. Now it looks infected, and it's swolen, and it now has a black looking mass on top of the purple mass. Its kind of by her private area, and it seems to bother her even when she walks now. I cant afford to take her to the vet. Do you have any idea what it could possibly be? Please help.</p>
Category: Health

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It could be a hernia but its really hard to tell. I know you mentioned you can't afford a vet visit but I would strongly encourage you to try and go. Your vet may have a way to finance it for you or work with you ... and there are credit cards available just for pet bills.

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