I have a 3 year old morkie. I take medications for diabetes, thyroid, and migraines . He has a habit getting into my hamper and licking my clothes. He then goes into an anxiety attack? what do i do? I purchased the thunder jacket what else can i do

<p>I take Metphorman, synthroid, and topamax. He gets into hamper and licks clothes and goes into anxiety attack. bought thunder jacket but is there anything else i can do</p>
Category: Health

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I'm not sure your medications would have any impact unless you are getting them on your clothes. There may be other indications here like other clean chemicals that are on your clothes from either your home or work (are you bringing home anything??). Can you move the hamper to a higher place or purchase one with a lid that can be closed? Maybe you can place your clothes directly in the washer to prevent your dog from licking them. Does the attack come on immediately after licking your clothes?

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