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Popular cat breeds
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Man's new best friend is the cat according to the most recent research polls. There are less dog homes in America than "condos" with cats. Cat lovers know exactly why this is the case: cats are a breeze to care for and they love you beyond compare. There is...
Distinguish Red Persian cat breed from other Persian cats
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In the present time the different combinations of colors that the Persian cats coats have evolved into are categorized in order to be recognized with a little more ease. Hence to achieve this eases these families that the Persian cat...
Information about types of Persian Chinchillas
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When you see a cat which is majestic and extraordinary looking you should know that you are looking at a full-blooded Persian cat. These cats have well-built bodies and strong legs with a face which looks punched. They thrive on attention from you if you are...
Find important facts about Red Persian cats
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Unless we put the Persian cats into particular category it will be impossible to recognize them as in recent times they are coming with a blend of different color coats. The Persian cat families have been further divided into groups...
Breeding a Tea Cup Persian cat
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You may be confused when you hear the words tea cup cats and inquire what it means when others are talking about it. Tea cup cats are quite different from miniature cats about which you may be aware of. Teacup...
When does a cat reach full size?
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Many kitten owners may ask, "When does a cat reach full size"? Kittens have different growth rates and reach maturity at different times depending on the cat breed of the kitten.  A general guideline for the maturity of domestic shorthair kittens, including the American shorthair, is that they reach full...
Munchkin cats
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Munchkin cats are best known for their incredibly short legs. This cat breed was developed from a natural genetic mutation. The Munchkin cat breed is one of the newest cat breeds. The Munchkin cat breed began with the discovery of a short-legged cat named Blackberry. Even...
28 results - showing 1 - 10  
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