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Cages are not bad

There is a perspective out there in the world that keeping a dog in a cage is a bad thing. If you cage your dog in your home, then you should not get a dog in the first place. The argument I traditionally get is "If your dog is your child, would you put your actual children in a cage?" Let's think about this...

When you get a pet, your pet should be part of the family. When you are home, your dog should get the required attention to make it feel loved and part of the family. I personally do not understand people who leave their dogs outside all the time. To me, why get a dog if you are going to leave it outside year round. A dog house isn't really the right solution, but I digress.... back to why cages are not wrong...

Caging a dog is part of its training. It is not a prison, or atleast, it should not be used as a prison. When used correctly, the cage becomes the puppies second home, its den and safe haven. If left loose in an empty house, a puppy will get nervous, scared and have anxiety of every noise or movement it may see in a window. It's anxiety turns to barking, chewing and in general distruction of the house.

 Take the same dog and leave it in a cage. When done correctly, the puppy will feel safe within the confined walls. It will sleep and relax in the cage. You come home, your house is not a mess. Not chewed. You are happy. Puppy is happy. Cages are good.

 Now, there are some people who scold their dogs and throw them in a cage as punishment, this is not good. The dog will come to hate and fear their cage. They will avoid it and force you to struggle to get them in the cage. Do not use the cage as a form of punishment.

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Thursday, 09 February 2023

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