Dog training shows how much an owner loves a pet

Here's a surprising new fact: Dog experts have discovered that puppies respond to attention even before they're born! This new knowledge means that dog training can begin while puppies are still in the womb.

Dogs have a natural instinct toward sociability. They're pack animals who look to a leader, an "alpha dog" to know how to behave. Good obedience training establishes the pet owner as the "alpha" dog without harshness or cruelty, so that their pet responds appropriately to other people, other pets and to the world around them.

About three weeks after they're born, puppies entertain into a behavioral period known as socialization. Between three and 12 weeks, the main task of puppies is social play. The investigate, they "play-fight, " and they mimic sexual behaviors. Their subsequent behavior is shaped by the puppies interaction with their mother and litter mates.

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Positive experiences with your dog training

Dog training can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your pet when done in a positive manner and with the right attitude. Your dog just wants to please you and when you are both happy everyone has fun, so make it a fun experience. But when your pet starts bad behaviors you have to nip them in the bud. Like chewing for example.

Chewing is a natural behavior for a dog except when it occurs on your new Kenneth Cole boots. Chewing keeps their teeth and gums healthy and you will find a variety of toys and bones in the pet store. Dogs like to exercise their jaws so it is smart to get them a chew toy right away, like with the dog when you bring him home.

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Why dog training school is so invaluable

That old canine companion can generate a lot of joy on the home front, but a lack of proper dog training can often cause him to become more than a minor inconvenience. Dogs that are improperly educated can become the largest challenge facing many pet owners, as a lack of understanding can cause these animals to challenge their owners on many behavioral issues. The good news is that a structured program of education in a canine school can help to ensure that these animals become the well-trained and well-adjusted pets they were meant to be.

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Ways to puppy training success

People are naturally excited when they bring home a bouncy young puppy dog for the first time. The have evolved over thousands of years to look cute and to pull on our heartstrings. It's hard not to fall for those big eyes and clumsy seemingly over sized paws that it struggles to control. Puppies are enormous fun and can bring an amazing amount of pleasure to the life of a family, but they are also a huge responsibility. It goes without saying that no one should purchase a puppy without thinking through all the implications for their life and that of a family. One of the first responsibilities placed on a new dog owner is that of puppy training.

So many puppies are bought on a whim. It is a sad fact that many puppies get neglected after the initial excitement has worn off. These dogs then get turned out and often end up in rescue centers. Some have very short lives indeed. This is why it is extremely important that the responsibility of dog ownership is properly considered before buying a baby dog.

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Reminders for taking care of pets in Summer

Summer is here, and with it the need for taking care of your pets during the summer. The warmer weather we love means there are added things that need to be thought of to assure the health of the family companion. These are a few reminders of things to watch for.

Water and shelter are tantamount. Your pet should always have clean, fresh water available as well as a shelter from bad weather or shade from the sun. During hotter weather, your furry companion will consume far more water than usual to remain cool, be aware of this and check the dish often.

Two large concerns for hot weather are heat stroke and dehydration. By learning the signs of these two serious conditions, you can avert the potential for heartache. Listen to the weather forecasts and in the event of extreme heat plan ahead.

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