Walking without a fuss - dog leash training

Having the power to "baby a puppy" you just took home because its so tiny and adorable can be very tempting. But you have to remember that by doing so, this may lead to an untrained pup and a spoiled dog that will have a lot of different behavior problems in the long run. If this is the case, it will be hard to retrain a dog if he's already aged and is used to certain patterns already.

Dog leash training is one of these behavioral issues. When the dog is still a puppy it would be best to train them with a leash as they are still small and are easy to control. It is harder to train an older dog with the leash as they are heavier and will be more able to pull the owner around and cause troubles.


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A guide for Golden Retriever training

One of the most consistent popular choices for family pets today is the Golden Retriever. This breed is exceptionally friendly and very playful thus, making them the best choice with children of all ages. Since they are reasonably bright and are pleasers, the time and effort that will be spent in training your dog will make it worthwhile.

Nonetheless, Golden Retriever training can be time consuming and very disappointing sometimes for both the owner and the dog. This article will guide you on how to go about training and ending up with a pet that your family will enjoy.

Being Housebroken

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How to cure dog barking problems

There are many different problem behaviors that a dog can exhibit; one of the most annoying is a dog barking problem. There are many reasons why a dog might start to bark, and these reasons are important to analyze so that the dog barking problem can be stopped.

The triggers for a lot of dog barking problems will always have something to do with the environment. It can be about domination of a dog over another animal or dog that is around. Another animal may try to stake out its territory or be simply barking for the sake of getting some fun out of it. Another reason a dog may have a barking problems is because they were never exposed to other dogs and just bark to get what they like from their pet owners.

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Things to know about online dog training

A lot of people are now using online dog training for their pets since it can save them a lot of money and is more accessible to them. A lot of breeds can be trained using online dog training since there are lots of specific techniques found online that will work well with specific types of dogs.

Even though there are dogs that we specifically train for security purposes because they are "defensive and aggressive in nature", a lot of them have very nice personalities and are genuinely friendly.  Diverse breeds of dogs have different food, exercise and health requirements and they also differ in personality and behavior too.

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Ways and means to stop dog aggression

There are many reasons that a dog might become aggressive toward other dogs. Some dogs might get nervous or fearful around other dogs. In other cases the dog is striving to be the dominant dog. And in other cases, the dog is becoming aggressive since he is defending his territory.

An owner can also be the reason why his dog is aggressive. This can happen because the owner never socially introduced his dog to other dogs or because the dog is trying to be protective of his master, or becomes aggressive in this way by becoming sexually aggressive too.

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Teaching a puppy to stop biting

Bringing home a puppy is something that you will think of as an adventure but what you really need to realize is that it takes a lot of responsibility to take care of a puppy and to provide it with proper training. While you think you should be enjoying your puppy on day one, you're wrong ... training should really start the moment you bring him home. And while playing with your puppy, just remember that everything that you do with your puppy will instill behavior that will go on until your puppy becomes an adult.

The puppy training should be consistent throughout its life so that the behaviors that are allowed with the owner are also allowed with people that enter the home. If the behavior would be an embarrassment or could cause harm or annoyance to the person entering the home the owner must not allow it with himself, otherwise the dog will be confused as to what behavior is proper to do with people.

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