Cat vaccination - Are you signing your pet's death warrant?

Unfortunately there's no getting away from that fact that vaccinating your cat is going to cost you money.  So why should you even consider having to pay out money on something that you cat doesn't need? After all, she's not sick or injured, so why have all the aggravation of going to your vet at all?  Death, is the reason. Painful death and the heartbreak it will bring to you and your family should your cat catch one of the preventable diseases that will needlessly end her life.

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The biggest mistake cat owners make with their pet's carrier

Just about every cat owner has to face this problem sooner or later. You need to get your cat into their carrier to visit the vet, be taken to the cattery or to travel to another home and what do you know? Your loving and ever-present cat has scooted off in the opposite direction at the speed of sound!

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Reverse feline bladder thickening

When your cat gets diagnosed with feline bladder thickening, then they likely have a urinary tract infection previously that ...

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What is cat furniture and why is it good

You can finally rid yourself of scratches from your cats upon the furniture in your home by buying cat furniture. Cat furniture is the general term for any of the cat scratcher, cat tree, cat tower or any similar feline oriented furniture you may come across. This furniture, made especially to a feline's specification can finally put an end to the scratches and claw marks upon the furniture in your household.

People usually get so tired of their pet cats scratching their furniture, that they sometimes have their claws remove. I would strongly recommend abstaining from any such act. The cats still keep trying to scratch, claws or not, which harms them in the long run. A cats scratching is a purely instinctual nature inbred in felines all across the world, like a lion or tiger in the jungle, so the domestic cats in out houses just cannot do nothing but scratch.

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Animal hospitals care for cats holistically, from whiskers to tails

When we speak of a veterinarian approaching a cat's illnesses holistically, we don't necessarily mean that the veterinarian is capable of treating any part of that cat. Most any animal doctor can claim that. Rather, we mean that the veterinarian chooses to treat the entire cat at once, instead of treating only the part of the body that is exhibiting the cat's symptoms.

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Training your cat to use a toilet

With the recent popularity of cat training, more and more people are looking into teaching their cats how to use a toilet. Just so we're clear here, I'm not talking about litter box training. I'm referring to a proper toilet that you or I would use! Do a quick search on Youtube and you'll see that this is indeed possible.

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