Secrets to stop puppies biting

Puppies use there mouths to learn about the world, in many cases this is done through nipping. Flavors, tastes, and feel can be discovered and dogs can quickly learn what they do and don't like. Nipping and biting are problems however and all puppies need to be taught that this behavior is not ok.

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Powerful means of puppy house training

Having a new puppy at home means that you need to develop puppy house training rules so that the little pup won't mess up your house. House training must be worked through by every new puppy and its owners. Some puppies learn the process very quickly, while some need more time to catch on. So don't be frustrated when you are not having that much progress with puppy house training at first. Just keep being patient and supportive and your puppy will get there soon.

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7 Tips to correct aggression utilizing dog behavior modification

Your training needs to establish you and your family as the "alpha" status in the pack. That resigns your dog to the base of the pack pecking order. Once the family demonstrates leadership over the dog, questions correlated to power may oftentimes be settled. This is why the communality and dog behavior modification are awfully necessary.

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5 Techniques to crate train your dog behavior modification

Crate training a dog is essential for dog behavior modification ...So, you must first grasp the mission of the crate. The intent of the crate ISN'T for correction. If you accurately crate train a dog, he will feel it as his "safe place" and desire to spend time there when needed.

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8 ways to improve your dog training

Dog training can be done a number of ways and different methods get different results. Below are 8 tips to improve the way your train your dog. Master these 8 tips and your dog will be a superstar!

#1. Vary Your Training Pattern

Mix up when and where you train your dog. Try spending 15 minutes with your dog in the morning instead of 15 at night. A change of scenery always keeps things interesting for you and your dog and you will get better results.

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How to stop your dog from barking

In many cases dogs bark because they have nothing else of interest to do, a lack of attention can sometimes cause the barking. A lot of the time we give in to our dogs in order to make them behave, this only teaches them that barking will get them what they want which encourages more bad behavior. It's important to learn and understand the most effective dog training techniques so that you can effectively deal with this type of behavior.

Initially dogs nee to understand that barking just for the sake of attention is not acceptable. In many cases dogs will prefer "angry attention" over "no attention". This is not the ideal way to train them however. What you should be doing is saying what you want to say, and then backing that up by an action - typically something that the dog doesn't like.


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