Find the right dog obedience school

When a person gets a dog, they often have great thoughts about spending time with the dog and walking around the neighborhood. However, if the dog is not behaving appropriately then these things cannot happen. This is what often leads to someone who is trying to find the right dog obedience school. Getting your dog to behave is an important part of the relationship you will build.

You must remember that dogs are pack animals which means that they need a leader of their pack. Because of this, if the dog does not consider you to be the leader, they will take over that role. This is why dog training is so important because it helps the dog learn who the leader is and gives them the ability to be submissive.

You may be having problems with the dog being aggressive or dominant, and it is very important to stop that before it gets out of hand. Obedience training is not simply about teaching the dog to sit or stay.

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Dog biting problems - as serious as it can get

Of all of the dog behavior problems there are, biting is probably the most serious. If your dog pees on the rug, runs away, or goes on the couch it probably will not be a big deal. If you dog gives someone a serious bite, however, many communities require that it be put down. Dog biting problems can literally mean the end of your dog's life, so it is important to train your dog to never bite anyone.

Of course, puppy biting problems are normal. When puppies are teething, they naturally chew on everything and everyone. Although a puppy can give you a nasty enough bite to break the skin, you probably will not be seriously injured by anything your puppy dog can dish out. Nonetheless, teething is probably when you should start tackling your dog biting problem.

Training does not mean that you have to be harsh or met out some cruel punishment. All you have to do is tell him a firm "No!" when he takes a hard bite on you. Use phrases like "Bad Dog!" or something that has the tone of reprimand to let him know that you are hurt from his bite.

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