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How can I bathe my dog? Here's the easy way to wash your dog!

Most of us think about bathing dogs in one of two ways. Either we believe that dogs nearly never need bathing, or we fall in ...

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Here's how to make clipping your dog both fun and easy!

Very few people see clipping their dogs as an art form. Instead, they just tackle certain areas, such as scraggly fur on the feet, to keep their dogs from tracking in mud. In an effort to get rid of undesirable hair, however, many owners forget that clipping their dogs can actually cause damage.

Remember to pay attention to the breed of your dog when clipping his or her fir. Long haired breeds must be clipped correctly to prevent dirt from accumulating close to the skin and causing problems. Fleas, ticks, and many other parasites may also breed more easily in a poorly or improperly clipped coat.

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