Tips for Turning Your Aquarium Into an Underwater Paradise

Putting together a freshwater tank can be deceptively easy. Creating the right ecosystem for your freshwater fish friends requires work and attention to detail. Read on to discover a few tips for turning your aquarium into an underwater paradise!

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5 Warm-Weather Activities To Do With Your Dog

Summer is the best time of the year to bond with your dog. Not only is it an excellent time to train, but there are so many summer activities you can do together. With that in mind, knowing your pup’s limits is imperative before you start planning out your summer. Check out these five warm-weather activities to do with your dog and make this summer one to remember.

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Pawesome Ways Your Dog Can Enjoy Their Birthday

Every day you get to snuggle with your best friend is fantastic, but your fur baby's birthday requires a celebration! Your dog has been there through it all, from listening to you rant about work to your awkward singing around the house; it's only fitting to make their birthday a big deal. Here are some pawesome ways your dog can enjoy their birthday!

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What To Do When Your Dog Tears Their ACL

One of the most common injuries dogs can suffer from is a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Dogs can tear their ACL when they stretch out their knee joints too far.

Depending on the severity of the injury, this could lead to short-term pain or a chronic condition. With this in mind, here’s what to do when your dog tears their ACL.

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Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Horse’s Life

Keeping your horse happy and healthy is the most important thing you can do as a horse owner, as you’re responsible for its entire life. There are many ways to ensure your horse’s happiness. Take the necessary steps to improve your horse’s life and help it live the life it deserves today.

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How To Dog-Proof Your Car for the Summer

When you’re a new dog owner, you quickly realize that there are certain hoops you’ll have to jump through before things are ideal between you and your companion. This means that you will have to devote time to training them to behave and understand your cues.

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