Behavior Challenges in dogs

Understanding that dogs and humans require care that is very similar is very important for the dog owner. Dogs adjust to their environment throw growth and learning in much of the same ways as a small child does. Understanding what is expected of them is a knowledge that the dog is not born with. From birth a dog must be taught to act and react to situations in the way that we expect them to. They need to know the difference between right and wrong. Introduced in this article are some common challenges in dog behavior.

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Dog training - a must

If you are considering bringing a new canine addition to your home, there are several things to consider. Having the right tools and the proper training will make the transition to a dog-owner family easier on you and your dog. While it is viable to trains dogs yourself, those who don't have experience working with dogs will be wise to invest in a dog training course.

If you hear stories of other dog owners who have failed, don't lose heart. Whether you have owned a dog that has run your house, or simply want to avoid it, dog training school is a necessity. Dogs don't misbehave because they are not good, but lack of training can result in poor behaviors. By sending your dog through a training program, you are doing your part to ensure a happy relationship.

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When arthritis attacks your dog

As a dog begins to age or suffers constant stiffness or has a disability, watching their arthritic decline is heart wrenching. This disease progresses at a slow pace, beginning with a discomfort that is hard to pinpoint. The worst cases turn into an animal not being able to stand, walk about, or even eat their meals. There are many forms that arthritis comes in with different underlying causes. When it comes to cats and dogs, arthritis can strike any breed or age.

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Chocolates: How Toxic Can They Be For Your Dog?

Very few would say they don't love chocolates. Did you know that chocolate can be harmful to your pet dog? Chocolate can be toxic, but exactly how much chocolate must be ingested before an adverse reaction takes place?

Theobromine: The Offending Substance

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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

A dog for a pet and a pal can be a great joy. They provide us with so much, and ask for nothing in return but that we care for them. They require of us food, water, shelter, and, of course, love. Therefore, keeping your dog healthy is a priority. This information is being provided to you to help keep your dog both happy and healthy.

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Traveling cats

Cats are finicky by nature and they can get quite attached to their surroundings. Do you ever wonder why your cat suddenly does a vanishing act when you bring his carrier out? First of all your furry feline probably senses that this is going to end up to be another trip to the family vet. Your cat does not want to get prods, pokes and possibly injections to boot.

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