James Hall
Senior Care Fitness

Start A Successful Pet-Based Business Today With This Guide

Pet-based businesses come with many benefits, not the least of which is the ability to work with sweet animals every day. These companies provide much-needed services and products, which means they’re nearly recession-proof, and often you can set your own hours or even work from home. Whether you want to create a pet-sitting business, sell homemade healthy treats, or become a groomer, there are tons of options for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Look for resources that will help you connect with pet owners and other animal-based business owners, such as a social community like Barkleyandpaws.com, and form a plan for getting your business off the ground the right way.

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3 Amazing Apps for First-time Dog Owners

You just got your first canine companion. Congratulations on this great move and welcome to the incredible world of dog owner...

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