18 things to consider before selecting your new dog

Before purchasing a dog for a pet you must make a sincere, thoughtful commitment. Try to match your desires to the needs of the dog.  Before you start your search for a new dog there are the following 18 things to consider.

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Important tips on how to control dog aggression

There are 2 situations in which aggression between dogs occur.

  • When one dog is unfamiliar with another dog.
  • Aggression between familiar dogs that live in the same household.
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6 significant dog instincts and traits


Canines were probably the first species to be domesticated by humans. It's a generally accepted theory that the worlds first dogs were tamed wolves. Dogs share biological similarities with wolves. They look much alike. Anatomically, they have almost identical teeth, adapted for seizing and tearing. Their actions are similar and they have extremely sensitive senses of smell and hearing. Domesticated canines are loyal to and dependent upon their masters. They have taken a subservient place in human society. The only reward many dogs seek is a kind word and a pat on the head. Still, the study of dogs and wolves teaches us many traits that haven't changed much since before they were domesticated.

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