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Training your dog for the show ring...

Whether your dog is the most perfect specimen of his breed or not, training him for the show ring can be a challenging task. If you've decided to enter your dog in dog shows you need to have more than a pet that conforms to breed standards. You'll also need to learn how to groom and show your dog so that he looks his best for the judges.

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How to train small dogs...

A dog may be man's best friend, but it takes an awful lot of effort to make it live up to how it we look at it. While large breeds do not just serve as companion to the master – it can be a hunting aide, a play a vital role in the police, or even as beasts of burden in the polar regions- dogs of the small variety arguably play this role more, as these are pets kept primarily for the purpose of companionship, if not for ornament. The fact that small dogs are kept indoors most of the time is a testament to this purpose

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The Citronella dog collar - A natural way for controlling a dog's barking

In this article we will look at a more natural way of controlling a dog's barking compared to the more usual system of shock collars. We are particularly going to look at the citronella dog collar as a more effective type of dog bark collar. In research carried out it has been found that the citronella dog collar is twice as effective as many other types of dog bark collars that are available especially the shock versions. This efficiency is put down to the use of the citronella solution which is present in the collar.
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Positive dog training techniques

When training one's dog there are some particular details which should be remembered. Using positive dog training methods is the best way to get your dog trained in a fun and efficient manner. This means that you should reward your dog for positive behavior instead of punishing him for negative behavior.

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Rules of crate training - 5 things you need to know

Puppies are similar to children. They both need structure to be happy and healthy. Without rules to abide by, their entire lives would be chaotic and disordered. This is also true for new dogs of any age that may have been adopted from a rescue shelter or another family. Since all dogs need some sort of structure and routing, these rules of crate training might be an option you'd want to research.
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Positive dog training produces faster results

If you have ever trained a dog before you know that there are certain things that you should remember. First you need to know that using positive dog training techniques is normally the best way to go. To accomplish this you should always reward your dog for good behavior instead of punishing them from bad behavior.

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