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Do not buy pocket Beagles

A pocket beagle was a very popular breed back in the 1300s and 1400s with royalty and was prized by the royal family. They were called pocket beagles because they were measured at no more than 9 inches at the shoulders. Currently the American Kennel Club, the standard that many breeders use for determining the health and other important factors of a dog breed, only recognizes beagles that are 13 inches or 15 inches in size. So what happened?

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What to know about raising a Beagle pup

A beagle pup is a great thing to get for you and your family as they make great family dogs and can be a lot of fun to raise and watch grow up. But beagle puppies require a lot of patience and beagle puppy care is not as easy as it may seem. Take the time to do some research on how to raise your beagle pup the right way so that it stays healthy and grows into a great family dog. Always keep your vet involved with regular appointments and consultations if something should go wrong.

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Beagle puppies for sale: Picking the right one

Finding the right one out of a litter of Beagle puppies can be hard. And there is more to your selection then just which one you think is the cutest. By reading up on these adorable puppies, you can better equip yourself with the knowledge you need when searching for Beagle puppies for sale. It is important that you also know that this type of puppy will fit well into your life and the lives of your family members.

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Breeders offer Beagle puppies for sale

When families are looking for the ideal pet, they may want to consider the beagle for its size, disposition and ability to get along with others, including people. Provided they are appropriately socialized as puppies, the beagle is considered an excellent pet for families with small children. They make friends easily and once they feel as though they fit into the human family, they are exceptionally loyal.

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How to find a Beagle breeder

There are few things cuter than a Beagle puppy, which is undoubtedly why this breed has continued to maintain its reputation for being one of the most popular breeds to have as a family pet. However, with the demand for the breed comes people who are looking to capitalize on the popularity of the Beagle without concern for the health and integrity of the breed. As a buyer who is interested in Beagle puppies, it is up to you to find a reputable Beagle breeder to get your dog from.

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Everything you need to know about your Beagle puppy

There are few things cuter and harder to resist - than a new litter of Beagle puppies. With beseeching eyes and ears that are much too big for their bodies, it is no wonder that the Beagle has maintained its popularity for many years. However, like any new pet, you need to know what you are getting into before you bring that adorable bundle of fur home from the breeder.

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