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Cat litter box - Choosing the right one for your cat

Most cats will adapt to the litter tray that you have provided them with; however, there will be some cats that are extremely sensitive to the texture and smell or even the structure of the tray! If this is so, it will be up to you to try a few alternatives until you find what your cat is happy with.

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Litter box problems and cat peeing in its food

A common complaint among cat owners is poor litterbox training. If the cat urinates in places other than the litter box, it can cause a great deal of foul odor in the home and be a source of frustration for the cat owner - especially if your cat is peeing in its food bowl.

Many times, poor litter box training can be corrected. The cat owner should try to determine if the lack of litter box training is a behavioral problem that can be corrected or due to a medical condition (cat anxiety).

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Causes of cat litter box problems

Cat litter box problems can be a cause of concern for many cat owners. A cat owner may become frustrated by cats that are urinating or defecating outside the litter box.


If the cat litter becomes too dirty, the cat may suddenly refuse to use the litter box. Some cats are very choosy about the cleanliness of the litter.


This resistance to using a dirty litter box usually can be resolved by changing the cat litter more frequently. Sometimes, a cat will refuse to use a litter box if the cat owner has changed the type of litter.


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Feed birds stale cat food

Feed birds stale cat food instead of throwing the stealth cat food away. Stale cat food can be placed outside on a flat surface or in a bowl.

It has become a common practice to put stale cat food and other food scraps into the mesh bags that onions are sold in and tying the bags outside for birds. This can be dangerous for birds, because their feet or legs can become trapped in the mesh.

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