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What are ear mites?

Ear mites are tiny parasites that commonly infest the ears of cats and dogs. Canker ear is a name given to the condition of having ear mites. Ear mite infestations are highly contagious.

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What is the importance of insulating your dog's house?

Doghouses in some regions of the country need to be insulated to protect the dog from severe temperatures. Failure to insulate a doghouse that is subjected to extremely low or high temperatures can put the dog's health in jeopardy.

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How to treat dog skin rashes

Just like people, dogs can have rashes and skin irritation. The first thing that a dog owner may notice is a dog scratching the area of the irritation or rash. Dogs may develop swelling or redness.

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Treatment of bloat in dogs

If gas becomes trapped in the dog's stomach, the dog may have a condition called bloat. Bloat in dogs causes a dog to be unable to expel gas through belching or vomiting. Bloat is a serious condition that is a veterinary emergency.

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Giving your dog a dog run in a weekend

An enclosed space outside in which a dog can be secured and get exercise is commonly referred to as a dog run. Dog runs can be helpful for keeping a dog secure within the boundaries of the property.

Giving your dog a dog run is not a difficult project for most dog owners. Many consider this project to be a do-it-yourself project that can be completed in a weekend.

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Vaccinations for puppies

Vaccinations for puppies are one of the most important things a dog owner can do to protect the health of the dog. Vaccinations protect the dog from several potentially fatal dog diseases. Before birth, puppies receive some antibodies from their mothers through the placenta. For the first two days after birth, the puppies continue to receive antibodies in the mother's first milk.

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