Dog training tips -- REVEALED! -- 8 super neat (and powerful) dog training tips. Watch'em boost pooch popularity!

Fluff LOVES to bark. She barks at EVERYONE. I now own a pair of shredded shoes, (tasty leather) and she just did her business on the latest National Geographic!

It's a struggle to have a new dog when you're faced with behavior issues. Despite this, fast corrections can be made when you use a powerful system to train your dog daily. HUGE improvements can be made in only 7 days.

Training your dog can be a lot of fun for both of you, as long as you have good information and some patience. With the right info, you'll quickly see that your dog can learn new commands quite fast, and you'll begin to enjoy the lessons.It's important for Rover to know basic commands such as Come, Sit, Stay, and Heel. This will help keep him out of harms way around cars, and in public parks.

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Dog training basics: 8 Fantastic tips

With the right information and a patient attitude, training your dog can be enjoyable for both of you. When you see how well your dog is learning the new commands, it will become fun, and you will both look forward to lessons. Also, knowing the basic commands like Come, Sit, Stay, and Heel will help keep your dog safe in dangerous situations, such as around traffic or strangers.

Make one person responsible for training your pet. This is important because the dog will find it easiest to become familiar with one person and their training methods because of the consistency of the training method. All the people that share a dwelling with the animal need to know that they must follow the training formula of the head trainer. When kids assist, they'll need to be supervised, hopefully by the chief trainer.

Sessions should be less than 15 minutes long, because of a dogs shorter attention span. Sessions can be 10-15 minutes long every day, or every other day. If you've had a bad day or don't feel very patient, it's probably best to skip a session, since you won't be at your best.

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