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Best practices for taking Rottweiler pictures

You don't have to be a professional photographer to take professional looking Rottweiler pictures. You could use an expensive, 35-mm. single-lens reflex camera or disposable camera to take pictures of your Rottweiler, but a digital camera works even better because it gives you the option of deleting your bad shots instead of paying to have them processed and printed. With digital photography, you get instant gratification, and digital cameras are more environmentally friendly than disposable cameras.

Taking pictures of a pet can be problematic. You have to get your Rottweiler to sit still and pose, and your dog probably doesn't have much of a vocabulary beyond the commands sit and stay. There are lighting and backdrop issues to deal with, and you need to be sure you're shooting at your dog's eye level. Don't worry. You're going to get five great tips that will solve all these problems and get you started taking fabulous pictures of your Rottweiler.

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Housebreaking your Rottweiler

A new puppy can be a fun addition to your family. However, puppies come with plenty of work attached, and one of the first jobs that you will need to complete successfully will be Rottweiler potty training. This process generally begins the day that you bring your puppy home, and may continue for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Housebreaking requires plenty of consistency and patience on your part, but the reward in the end is a dog that does not soil your carpet, and is on the right track for other types of training.

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The secret of choosing the right Rottweiler puppy

When looking for Rottweiler puppies, visit a Rottweiler breeder, not a pet store. If you pick out your puppy from a breeder, the Rottweiler puppies' parents will probably be on site, and you can see the sire and dam for yourself. Adult dogs should have a confident temperament and should be well socialized.

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Rottweiler 101: The breed standard

Although some breeds of dogs look pretty much alike, the Rottweiler is highly distinctive and easily recognizable. The Rottweiler breed standard firmly outlines what defines a show worthy form of pet quality Rottweilers. Just because a Rottweiler might not meet the physical breed standard doesn't mean they won't make good pets. A spayed or neutered Rottweiler will be healthier, calmer, less attractive to thieves and pays attention to you more.

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What you need to know about Rottweiler puppies

Once you have decided to get a Rottweiler puppy it is important that you find a Rottweiler puppy that is healthy and happy to add to your household. This can be difficult for the first time dog owner or first time Rottweiler owner.

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How to look for a fake Rottweiker breeder

You and your family have discussed a new pet for quite a while and you have decided on getting a Rottweiler. Now you have to do some homework and make sure that you strike up a relationship with a quality Rottweiler breeder. If you get a fake breeder you could be in trouble because your relationship with a breeder should be something that will last for many years and be very important to your dog's life. So take your time and make sure you go through the process of finding a quality Rottweiler breeder for your next family pet.

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