Allergies that affect a Rottweiler

Just as humans suffer from allergies so do dogs. Rottweiler allergies include food allergens, flea allergies, bacterial allergens, contact allergens and atopy. All of these allergies have particular characteristics that you should be aware of in order to provide proper Rottweiler care to your dog.

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Best practices for taking Rottweiler pictures

You don't have to be a professional photographer to take professional looking Rottweiler pictures. You could use an expensive, 35-mm. single-lens reflex camera or disposable camera to take pictures of your Rottweiler, but a digital camera works even better because it gives you the option of deleting your bad shots instead of paying to have them processed and printed. With digital photography, you get instant gratification, and digital cameras are more environmentally friendly than disposable cameras.

Taking pictures of a pet can be problematic. You have to get your Rottweiler to sit still and pose, and your dog probably doesn't have much of a vocabulary beyond the commands sit and stay. There are lighting and backdrop issues to deal with, and you need to be sure you're shooting at your dog's eye level. Don't worry. You're going to get five great tips that will solve all these problems and get you started taking fabulous pictures of your Rottweiler.

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