Wildlife and Pets: Keeping Our Animals Safe From Predators

Depending upon where you live, even some suburban areas can have pesky critters and predators that can cause problems for our pets. Think about living in the city and you’ll still encounter rodents from time to time, even skunks, possums and raccoons are sometimes seen in the suburbs. All of these critters have the potential of carrying dangerous and deadly diseases.

Threats From Above

We often think of cats chasing and catching birds, but in some cases, smaller cats and kittens can be carried away by a bird of prey, while the same can be true for toy dog breeds and puppies. The obvious solution is to keep them indoors, but there’s also some visual deterrents that help to keep birds away from our yards and property.

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What do birds like to eat

What do birds like to eat? Here we come to my favorite topic: I am a great glutton so that is why I try to please my birds!  My main parrot food is millet. It is sold in every ”bird feed” shop. You should make sure there is always enough millet in the bird cage. And don't worry, birds know how much to eat. They also enjoy oats very much but only unpeeled, absolutely natural oats which are very difficult to find. They are usually only seen as an addition in combined foods as a compromise variant oat kernels can be given.

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