5 Neat Facts About Border Collies You Should Know

Border collies are boisterous, intelligent, and beautiful dogs. Whether you’re interested in adopting a border collie or you’d like to learn about the breed for fun, here are five neat facts about border collies that you should know.

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Breed specific dog collars

Dog collars can be customized to fit your specific style or need. One fun way to show off your dog is to invest in a breed specific dog collar. Breed specific dog collars can bring a lot of attention to the owners as well, which can especially be nice for dog breeders or owners during dog shows.

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Introducing the American Bandogge Mastiff

The American Bandogge Mastiff is a wonderful dog full of life and wonderful to have as a guard dog and family pet!  The breeder who started this evolution of mastiffs is John Swinford and then another one also assisted in getting this breed going, and his name is Joe Lucero.Of course, there are several different varieties in the breed, such as cross breeding an English mastiff with the American pit bull. The closer to the original initial breed is the most stable. This particular breed is well known for its muscular and athletic look. Naturally, he inherits that from his pitbull bloodline. There is also a variety of color patterns that you may notice within this brilliant breed. Some of the colors may consist of tawny, blue, black, and red. However, for the most part, this dog is black brindle.

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The smallest herding dog - The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

When you think of herding, you think of enormous cows or horses and a vicious herding dog that chase them towards the fences. What would you think, however, if you learn of a breed that's tiny and long and is just plain physically inaccurate to herd and steer these larger breeds? Amazing is probably one of the adjectives for it and that's exactly how many define the small dog herder, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi - the smallest Corgi!

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3 loving dogs for children

Made the decision to get a dog for a pet? Well, that is one smart decision and you will be so glad that you made it - congratulations. A dog makes such an awesome companion and truly a fantastic pet.

While your children are growing up, a dog is a wonderful presence in your house during those years. Studies have been done which show that there are indeed benefits associated with children being raised in a home where there is a dog.

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