Choosing the right lumber for a dog house

Owning pets involves a lot of different responsibilities, but not all of them are troublesome. If you enjoy working with your hands, the need to provide your dogs with shelter can be a positive pleasure. Building your own doghouse is a great do-it-yourself project that doesn't require a lot of complex tools. You need to make smart choices when you're picking out your materials, though.

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5 Ways That You Can Socialize Your Adult Dog

Your adult dog is no longer a puppy, but it might seem a little skittish around other dogs or people. If you think your dog could have benefitted from being more social when they were younger, it’s not too late to help them. Here are five ways that you can socialize your adult dog.

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5 Tips To Reduce Your Dog’s Stress Efficiently

A dog is a part of the family with a unique personality, likes, and dislikes that react differently to various situations depending on factors such as fear, love, and stress. A dog’s mind is a place of mystery, but they also make it very clear when they are comfortable or uncomfortable with a situation or people.

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The Top Tips To Improve Your Dog's Diet Today

You want the best for your pets; they should eat a balanced diet, especially since you're responsible for their health and well-being. While you may not be a canine nutritionist, you can take small steps to boost your pup's diet from simple to super. Explore the top tips to improve your dog's diet today.

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Excellent Springtime Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog

Dogs have spring fever just like humans. We all want to spend time outside with the fresh air after the long winter months. Read on to discover a handful of excellent springtime activities to enjoy with your dog when the weather warms up.

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What You Should Look for in a Life Vest for Your Dog

Whether your canine is joining you in the pool or accompanying you on a pack raft, always know what you should look for in a life vest for your dog. Getting your dog a life vest will keep you both feeling secure for whatever adventure the water brings. Keep your dog protected on every water expedition.

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