German Shepherd mixed breeds: Advantages and disadvantages

The German Shepherd breed originates from Germany and is actually a German Shepherd mix right from the beginning. There are three types of dogs that have been mixed and they come from three different regions of Germany. This cross-breeding happened in the 19th century between long-haired, short-haired, and wire-haired shepherd dogs.

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Three types of long coated German Shepherds

The long-coated German Shepherd is not considered show standard by the American Kennel Club and, therefore, is not allowed to compete in national competitions. The owners of the long-coated German Shepherds could really care less whether their dogs win trophies because they already have decided that they have the best dogs on the planet.

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Nasty and sweet: The pros and cons of owning a terrier

Terriers are one of the most popular types of dogs around the world. There are seven different breeds of terriers in the top 50 most popular dogs in the world, and this isn’t by chance. Terriers as a group are lively, intelligent, playful, and generally very hardy and stout little companion dogs. They do have their own specific quirks and personalities, just as all other breeds do. Most terriers are relatively easy to care for as far as grooming is concerned but the Yorkshire terrier is a bit of an exception to the rule. Its fine coat requires regular grooming to keep it tangle and mat-free.

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The Chihuahua: A royal history

Chihuahuas have long been beloved by many for their diminutive size and spunky personalities. But where did these iconic little dogs actually come from? Here is a complete guide to the fascinating history of the Chihuahua, through legends and written records.

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Why mixed breed dogs are superior to purebred dogs

Mixed breed dogs share genetic characteristics with two or more different breeds. For most of these dogs their genetic background is unknown and they often tend to be called by many different names. Just a few these names include random bred dog, mongrel, and bitzer.

Even though a mixed breed dogs have several advantages over purebreds, most people still seem to prefer purebreds. However, one of the advantages of mixed breed dogs is that they tend to show a higher intelligence on average than most purebreds.

Also, it has been shown that these dogs on average are healthier and live much longer than purebred dogs. This is due to something called hybrid vigor which happens when you mix two or more breeds together. Purebred dogs often carry genetic problems with them and these are often passed on to the next generation.

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Pomeranian cuts are very specialized

A Pomeranian is a toy dog. Pomeranians are designer dogs, as many celebrities own these little dogs. They carry them wherever they go, whether it is to a party or to their hair salon. They are always groomed and dressed very fashionably. The Pomeranian cuts on these dogs are becoming more recognized worldwide because of these celebrities. There are only three basic Pomeranian cuts normally seen on these dogs.

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