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Get straight up facts on fleas, ticks, heartworm and kennel cough

The top names in pet flea control are Frontline, Advantage, Revolution and Bio-Spot. These on-the-spot type treatments for dog and cat flea problems all provide one month of complete protection.  Advantage flea treatment kills fleas very quickly. The active ingredient, imidaloprid, acts as a nerve agent that fries their entire nervous system. Ninety eight to a hundred percent of the fleas on the animal die within 12 hours of application.

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Actions to take for heartworm symptoms in dogs

Many people believe that heartworms are an infestation that dogs can catch from other dogs or from eating things off the ground that have been infected. This is not the case. Heartworms are caused by mosquitoes who carry the larvae of heartworms and infect the dog when they bite it. When heartworm symptoms in dogs becomes noticable the dog usually has had the infestation for a long period of time.

Protecting a pet from heartworm infestation is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. There are many treatments available from the vet that can be applied to protect a pet. In addition, there are injections that can be given when a dog has it's yearly health check that will protect it from infestation.

The rate of dogs who are being infested with heartworms in the United States is so high that it is very important to pre-treat a pet before they are exposed to areas where they may get bitten by mosquitoes. These treatments will ensure that the pet does not become ill and require more expensive treatment.

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What you should know about heartworm medicine for dogs

So what exactly are heart worms, and why do I hear that they are so deadly to dogs? First off, let me explain that a heartworm is a long parasitic creature that lives on its host for food. In other words, these 6" to 14" long worms live inside of your dogs heart as they feed and grow larger.

Heartworm disease is likely to be deadly if there is not some form of protection present that would prevent the optimal environment for miniture heart worms, or microfilirae, to multiply and thrive in. If allowed to, microfilirae, or heartworm larvae, will enter and unprotected dog and cause heart worm disease because the conditions inside the dog are such that it encourages the heartworm to grow and thrive.

The question you might be asking now is exactly what is heart worm disease and how can you prevent your precious pooch from getting it? The first step in protecting Fido is to make sure you are providing a good preventative medicine that eradicates the environment in which these parasites thrive in.

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Heartworm disease in dogs

Heartworm disease in dogs is a dangerous condition caused by parasitic worms. The worms live in the dogs heart and grow to resemble strands like thin spaghetti. These parasites are transmitted by mosquito bites.

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Straight up facts fleas, ticks, heartworm, and kennel cough

The most widely accepted external parasite treatments currently available for pets are Frontline, Advantage, Revolution and Bio-Spot. These on-the-spot type treatments for dog and cat flea problems all provide one month of complete protection. Bad news to the flea, Advantage flea works due its active ingredient imidacloprid, which works on the nervous system of the flea causing paralysis and subsequent death.

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Compare heartworm medicine for pet lovers complete peace of mind

Heartworms can spell disaster for your pet, so how do you know what symptoms to look for?  The most worrying aspect of heartworm is that the animal shows almost no symptoms until things are actually very serious.  While the accumulation of heartworms in internal organs does eventually become visible on x-ray, the diagnosis is usually made through a blood test. After a heartworm infestation diagnosis is made, the course of treatment then needs to be decided upon.

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