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Please heed the warnings over the next several days and protect your pet from the fridged cold weather now hitting the US midwest, east and mid-Atlantic states. 

Some overnight temperatures are predicted to be well below zero and even though your pet may be an outside animal, these temperatures can be fatal to your pet.  Please be sure they have at least a three-sided shelter and line the floor of their shelter with cedar chips.  It is NOT a good idea to use a blanket because if it gets wet it will freeze and your pet will not want to lay on it.

If you have a cat be cautious about starting your car since they may sleep under your car or in the engine comparment due to the warmth of the engine.  Also keep your dog on its leash since it could lose its way in the snow.

If you see a pet out in the elements and you are concerned you should immediately call your local animal shelter or rescue group to see what they may be able to do to protect that animal.

Again...Please bring in your pet or at least make sure they have proper shelter.

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Saturday, 24 July 2021
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