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Consider a Pet Sitter Instead of Boarding Your Pets this Summer

Now that summer is here and you are getting ready to take that long awaited for vacation you might be wondering who can watch your fury friends while you are at the beach.  One alternative to boarding your pets is to have a pet sitter come into your home and babysit while you are away.  This is a tough decision to make as you are entrusting a near stranger to come into your home and take care of your pets.  Look for someone who is license, bonded, and insured.  Also try to pick a pet sitter that is a member or a recognized club such as Pet Sitters International or the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Services That a Pet Sitter Can Provide

  • Most pet sitters will open your blinds and turn on lights at the times you request
  • Overnight visits will allow your pets the comfort and security of staying at home instead of being boarded in an unfamiliar environment.
  • If your pet takes any type of medication your pet sitter will be able to provide it for them at the appropriate time
  • They can take your trash out on trash day
  • A pet sitter can bring in your mail and newspaper each day to make it look like you are home.

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