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Great programs on tonight on National Geographic Channel

There were some great programs on tonight on NG.  The first one called Dog Genuis was about the incredible finds and research being done to understand the real intelligence in dogs.

The program covered some amazing research including Border Collies and how quickly they can learn and understand items.  Specifically the Border Collie could be trained to understand that a certain object was associated with a reward while another one was not.  Then a third unknown object was introduced and the dog was able to "reason" that if the other know object was a reward object, it should pick that one instead of the new one.  The dog also knew to pick the new unknown object if the only other choice was the "no reward" object.

The second program was about dog breeding and how humans have created all the different breeds of dogs in a very short period of time (since the 19th century).  

Both of the programs are well worth the time to watch them.  I don't know if NG will repeat them but watch out for them to air again.



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Thursday, 29 July 2021
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