FKS or fading kitten syndrome: The signs and preventions of FKS

Fading Kitten Syndrome is what is used to describe the situation when a kitten dies aged under 12 weeks old. These kittens often fail to thrive and to grow and develop as they should. Fading Kitten Syndrome or FKS is similar to SIDs in humans and can be referred to as a "mystery illness" when often the exact cause of death is unknown. Most often kittens affected by Fading Kitten Syndrome are born into an unhealthy environment or to a sickly, weak mother cat.

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Kitten sneeze: Causes of a kitten sneezing

If your kitten just sneezes once or twice, there is nothing to worry about. If your kitten seems to be sneezing constantly, this could be a cause to worry. There are several different reasons your kitten could be sneezing. Lets look at a few of them.

Were you aware that kittens can be allergic to things too? Your little bundle of fur can be allergic to many different things in your home, and one of the ways she reacts is by sneezing. Here are just a few things that your kitten may be allergic to dust, aerosols, cigarette smoke, pollen, dust in kitty litter, candle smoke, carpet cleaners, mold, dust and many other possible things. Just like a human being with allergies often sneezes, and has a runny nose as a reaction - so too can your kitten.

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Cat health questions you need answers to

Every owner will have cat health questions from time to time. Short of calling a vet or paying for an expensive visit every time a little issue crosses your mind, you have to find resources that will give you answers directly. Cats are a pleasure to have in the home, but their health must be looked after just as any other animal requires.

You are probably already familiar with the most basic issues of cat health. You likely know how to look after the litter box so it remains sanitary and smell free, but are you aware of some of these other health issues?

When injured, can a cat be given pain medication?

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Long term cat care

A cat can be a pet and also a friend. If you want the feline to be with you for the long term, it pays to know proper cat care. Before getting one from the pet store or animal shelter, be sure to have a bed, dish bowl and litter box ready. By giving them their own space, they will be able to adapt to the new environment that you have made for them.

Since the cat will explore around the house and might even go out, it is advisable to put a collar around its neck which has your name, contact number and address so in case it wanders off, one of your neighbors will be able to return it. Another option is to insert a microchip under their skin. Putting this device into the feline is very similar to giving it a vaccination. Aside from using it merely to identify the cat if it gets lost, it also has another purpose which is a flea deterrent because it has a chemical that helps keep these parasites away.

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What is cat furniture and why is it good

You can finally rid yourself of scratches from your cats upon the furniture in your home by buying cat furniture. Cat furniture is the general term for any of the cat scratcher, cat tree, cat tower or any similar feline oriented furniture you may come across. This furniture, made especially to a feline's specification can finally put an end to the scratches and claw marks upon the furniture in your household.

People usually get so tired of their pet cats scratching their furniture, that they sometimes have their claws remove. I would strongly recommend abstaining from any such act. The cats still keep trying to scratch, claws or not, which harms them in the long run. A cats scratching is a purely instinctual nature inbred in felines all across the world, like a lion or tiger in the jungle, so the domestic cats in out houses just cannot do nothing but scratch.

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Cat diabetes - How to care for your cat

Cat care takes on a whole new level when your pet has diabetes. We all want our pets to enjoy a long and normal life and following the tips in this article will help make that possible. It is unfortunate that cats have their own version of diabetes, also a serious affliction among humans. It is also important for pet owners to know how feline diabetes affects cats and how they can help make life better for their pets by learning how to better care for them.

There are two primary types of diabetes. The similarities between human and cat diabetes make it easy to diagnose, and fortunately there are treatments. Type 1 Diabetes is a result of insufficient insulin production. Type 2 Diabetes is a result of the body not processing the insulin in the body efficiently. A secondary type of cat diabetes that is seen occasionally is triggered by drugs that may have impaired the body's ability to naturally process insulin. Cat diabetes strikes cats of all ages, but most frequently it is seen in older cats.

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