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Keeping Your Dog in Shape With Outdoor Toys

In the winter, no one likes to go out for a walk or hang out too much. As humans, we tend to walk and run less. Overall, our exercise levels going down to nothing which translates to our pets getting little to no exercise as well.

 As the summer approaches, one of the best way to get out and have some fun with your pet is to get an outdoor toy for them to chase. This toy should be a treat for them and do not let them have it in the house or they will desire it less. Hide it and only bring it out if your heading outside.

Here are some popular outdoor toys to help your pets burn off the winter energy:

Frisbee: We all know them and love them. Teaching your pet to chase and retreive is a great way to bond and spend some time outside in the sun

Tennis ball: Cheap and chances are you already have one somwhere laying around.

ChuckIt: It is basically a device to help with throwing a ball. Put the ball on the top and swing very little and the ball will fly away. Great option for people who have limited mobility with their arms or can't throw very far :)

 There are plenty of more options out there, so get up and get one. Your pet will love you for it!  Just remember, running in the sun burns a lot of energy and will make your pet thirsty, have plenty of water available for both of you!

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Thursday, 09 February 2023

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