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Cat urine odor

There are over 88 million households in America that own cats. Many of these households also face the burden of eliminating that nasty cat urine odor as well. Even if you have a perfectly behaved cat, he just may try to mark his turf! This means your floor, rugs, corners of rooms, etc.

After this happens it can be difficult to remove the strong ammonia like odor if you do not know what to do. Here you will find simple solutions to do just that!

Removing Urine and Odors from Fabric Surfaces :

When you discover a puddle, do not rub it. Rather lay an absorbent towel on top and press. Repeat this several times, getting out as much liquid as possible.

Next, rinse your spot with warm (not hot) water. After this, keep pressing with a towel to remove the excess dampness again.

The final step can take one or two forms. 3% hydrogen peroxide or Vinegar mixed with warm water (1 cup to a half gallon of water) works well to eliminate cat urine odor.

When using the peroxide, put some on a rag or piece of cloth and apply pressure to soiled area. Use a new cloth to absorb the peroxide back up from your fabric. With this and the vinegar option please be sure to test an out of the way spot to make sure your fabric will not be ruined.

If you decide to use the vinegar solution, just add it to a spraying bottle and spray to your surface. Place a rag or cloth over your stained area and then press to remove extra fluids. Leave this on overnight and vacuum in the morning if desired.

If you have a surface stain you can apply baking soda to the area to remove traces of the cat urine odor. This option will only work with surfaces and not deep fabrics. Let the baking soda sit over the surface through the night and vacuum or sweep up in the am.

Repeat this, but the second time take a damp cloth to the baking soda and rub it into the fabric. Let this dry and vacuum again.

Rugs :

For rugs, you can follow the same protocol as above with fabrics. However, if you still believe that there is any lingering odor then get a steamer to get rid of any traces of cat urine odor. Alternatively go to a pet store and get a product that has odor enzymes to break down and neutralize it.

What about Floors?

If you have other types of flooring that can handle bleach, it works very well to get rid of those nasty smells. Just spritz it on and mop it off!

Keeping the Box Clean:

One of the best ways to keep cat urine odor away in the first place is to make sure his litter box is A+ clean. Remember, your cat likes cleanliness too! If it is not up to his standards then he will go somewhere else!

If they do happen to pee elsewhere it is important to eliminate cat urine odor as quickly and completely as possible (otherwise he is liable to come back again).

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