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Over-weight pets

Experts report that almost 45% of our pets are overweight.  This is a frightening statistic given that obesity in pets creates the same type of health risk we face.



Mainly those risk include such diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and joint related issues such as arthritis.  You can help your pet by following some very simple rules:

 - Exercise your pet regularly.  Walks or other exercise will dramatically reduce your pets risk (and its not bad for you either!)

- Keep your pets on a balanced diet.  A balanced diet includes a good nutritutional pet food (check the label and articles here for tips) as well as keeping table scraps on the table and out of your pets tummy.

- Whatever you feed your pet check to ensure that it is a low calorie food.  Many pet food companies are offering weight control pet food.  Be sure and check the label to be sure you aren't sacrificing quality as "reduced calorie". 

In the end always check with your family vet before making any changes.  By just following a few simple steps you can improve the quality and length of life for your pet.

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Tuesday, 27 July 2021
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