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Shedding 101

With the summer months upon us, everyone is feeling the pain shedding. After a winter long build up of fur to stay warm, your pups are trying to cool off and lose any extra hair. In addition to heat, other summer time issues can cause your dog to shed more than usual. Here are some hints to help control shedding.

Brushing: Regular daily brushing will help keep the hair outside of the house and off your hardwood floors and carpets.

Diet: Feed your dog foods that are high in proteins to keep their coats healthy. Healthy coats will shed less. Also give a fatty acid supplement to assist with healthy coats.

Vacuum: While the last two help stop shedding in your home, this is more of how to deal with it. The fur will only pile up over time and get harder to get out. Vacuum often and you will save yourself a headache.

Bathe your dog: Bathing helps keep their fur clean and healthy. Healthy fur means less shedding.

Issues: Dogs can get anything from fleas, allergies to diseases that could cause excessive shedding. Keep your eye on it and be sure to bring your pup in for a check up if you see signs of problems.

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Thursday, 09 February 2023

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