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Teaching Drop

One of the first thing you need to teach your puppy is how to drop. It is a command that will forever make your life easier and manageable. When doing laundry, cooking or simply just relaxing, your puppy will get something you do not want them to have.  Socks, bread, toilet paper rolls, you name it, they will put it in their mouth. Now comes the fun part trying to get your puppy to surrender.

 Now, keep in mind, your puppy has been keeping his eye on the prize. He has studied it and you to learn exactly when he has the best chance to grab it and go before you notice. Once he has it, he does not want to give it back. Enter the drop command.

 While there are all kinds of approaches to training a puppy what really worked for us was this. First, get a treat. Say "drop" in a friendly tone. If they drop it reward them with the treat. Try this 10 times to see if it works. If not, its time to plan B. What you need to do is place your fingers on the lips of his upper jaw. Take the flap of lip and push in with it and then push up so that it is under the puppies canines. Do not push hard, they will get the point. As you do this, repeat the word "drop" over and over so that they relate the uncomfortable feeling with the word.

 Always start training with positive reinforcement. Treat or positive word to reinforce good behavior. If it fails, use the upper lip on the canine. It works and is effective. Teaching drop will be one the most important things you train into your puppy!

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Thursday, 09 February 2023

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