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To Chew or Not To Chew

Why does your cute loveable new puppy like to chew on your new cherry dressor that you bought on a line of credit? It's not because he hates you or is trying to get revenge for being yelled at earler, trust me, in my own experience I could swear that was the reason. There does seem to be some interesting timing between me yelling at my puppy for jumping on the counter and a chewing of my shoes, but trust me, that's not it.

Top 3 reasons he is chewing your stuff:

1. He is curious. Puppies get bored very easy and need to be challanged and starve for attention. Keep the puppy in sight at all t imes. If you are leaving the room or need to leave him by himself, confine him in a damage proof area.

 2. He is full of energy. The little ball of fur is hiding the nuclear energy beneath. Puppies are nonstop energy and you need to burn that off. Take him for a walk, play tug with some toys, teach him a trick, whatever you need to do, tire him out!

3. He is teething. Get a mixture of soft and hard toys for your puppy to destroy, I mean, chew on.  Reward him when he chews on the toys and give him a firm "No!" when he is chewing on stuff he shouldn't be.

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Thursday, 09 February 2023

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