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Visiting the Vet!

We had to bring our puppy to the vet over the weekend for his normal shots and what a treat that was! Bringing a puppy to the vet can be such an experience from large aggressive dogs on long leashes, people holding cats on their laps or other puppies wanting to play, you can have your hands full!

Here are some simple suggestions to try and make the most out of your vet visits:

  • Bring Treats: Yes, bribery works when trying to get control
  • Get up and walk around: Around you are the scents of animals that have visited past and present. Your dog's nose is working 100 miles an hour.  If you have to wait a while, get up and take your pup for a walk outside.
  • Keep a short leash: While the dogs may seem friendly, they may not be. It is great to socialize your dog but make sure its under a very careful eye. You may think your dog is harmless and sweet, but what do you know about the other dog?

While there are more ways to survive if you can keep those in mind you should be safe in the waiting room! Always remember, your dog is on high alert there. It is a strange place filled with new scents. Dogs can get as stressed as humans and may behave differently than they do at home, and remember, that applies to your dog and the dogs around you at the vet.

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Thursday, 09 February 2023

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