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Wild Mushrooms

Every day people walk their dogs into parks, along other people's lawns and into the woods. In those areas, nature runs wild and random.  Things may be lurking in the grass.  Over the weekend we had an experience that I thought would good be to share.

 Our weimaraner was running around the yard and grazing as usual on every shard of grass, weed, and stick he could find. Once we let him out, we will generally go on and do our own thing, when he wants to be let in, he lets us know by barking or scratching at the door.

 After a while, I looked out my window and saw him with something white in his mouth. I couldn't figure out what it could be so I ran out to see what he had gotten into this time. He had mushrooms. In the far corner of my yard a handful of mushrooms had grown up over the last week when we had some rain. He had snacked on most of them.

 I never had that happen before and was not sure what to do. Were they ok? Was he going to get sick? So I did some research and this is what I found, hope it helps!

How they appear:

  • The growth is favored by cool, moist weather so they are most abundant in spring and fall
  • Some mushrooms appear in yards after rainfalls

Risks of Mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms can be poisonous in many different ways
  • The damage of the poison can range from diarrhea, to vomiting, to seizures, coma and death.

How to Fix/Prevent Mushrooms:

  • Check outdoor areas frequented by pets for mushrooms and remove them
  • If you stomp/kick them, they will reproduce quicker. You need to dig them out from the root.
  • If your dog has eaten a wild mushroom, try to identify the type of mushroom. If you cannot, call a vet.

Our puppy ended up fine.  He had not eaten a poisoned wild mushroom, but it gave us a scare nonetheless and thought I would share the information. I never put much thought into mushrooms that grow random in the yards, but they could seriously do damage to not only your dogs, but children as well.


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Wednesday, 08 February 2023

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