mhy is the smallest of the litter is not eating but shaking and twitching

<p>my dog had a litter of 9 puppies and two of them did the same thing and died but i really do not want to let this one die and i tried flatenig oup a straw and put milk in it and let it try and drink that but if that didnt worki would get a little on my finger and rub it on its face then it will try and lick alittle off cant take it to vet cause there not full breds 5:30 in the morning and the puppy is litterally dieng what to do</p>
Category: Health

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Jaylen ... sorry to hear about your puppy. Your vet is the best bet. One thing to try is to have one of the other pups start nursing and then remove them and place the little one there without any of the other puppies around. Your vet can determine if there is potentially something more serious wrong with this puppy. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this but hopefully he'll hang on until you can get him to the vet. It is very important that all the puppies feed from their mom however. If you do remove the other puppies keep them warm, they aren't able to fully regulate their body temperature yet.
thanks for the help i tried removing the other puppies and it didnt work but on my way to the vet she died - Molly - 11 years ago

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