What does it mean if my dog pood out blood in a liquid form

<p>my dog just pood in blood so their was no poo but just blood what should i do and whats this mean</p>
Category: Health

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Hi Steven. Sorry to hear about your dog. Really need some additional information here to help. Is it a puppy or a full grown dog? Is your dog up-to-date on his shots? Blood in the stool can be caused by several different things; Hematochezia (blood in the stool) is never normal. From your description this could be caused by an anal abscess or growth or possibly from digestive system worms or parasites. The only way to truly tell is to get your dog to a vet so they can check a stool sample to see what is the root cause of the issue. I would encourage you to get them to your vet as soon as you can.
Thanks Shes at The Vet and they think she has kidney failure :( but she will hopefully be alright but they are trying to give her food and water but it just comes back up so they are feeding her a different way and thanks for your help - Molly - 11 years ago

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